My Senior High School


My Senior High School is SMA Negeri 1 Purwakarta. It is located at KK.Singawinata Street No.113 Purwakarta. It is about 3 kilometers from my home. It is near Rebo market and Situ Buleud lake. My school is big enough. The situation is comfortable, clean, and crowded. There are some facilities that make students are happy to study, festival and a program of student exchange.

My school is big enough but the field is not wide. It just has 2 floors. There is no lift. It just have stairs. There are 2 buildings that separate in one place. The buildings are faced each other.

The situation at my school is very comfortable. In the based floor there are 2 fish ponds. The ponds make our feeling are fresh everyday. There are some little fish in the ponds. My school is clean because students, teachers and officers of school have schedule of cleanliness everyday. My school is also crowded. There are 960 students, 70 teachers, 3 officers, 3 securities and also headmaster but it’s very interesting.

My school has some facilities. Generally, there are classes, teacher’s rooms, headmaster’ss room, canteens, toilets, mosque, library, school health unit, and osis’s room. There is lobby in my school. It is place to pay school fee and to ask information that associated with the school. There is fringer print. It is device to fill attendance list. My thumb is affixed on the device until I hear sound. It means I have filled attendance list. There is WiFi/Hotspot to conect to the internet. It’s free for all of us in school. There are some televisions in based floor, 1th floor, and 2nd floor to inform shedule of lessons and teachers when they ought to teach or to inform some homeworks and exams from teachers. There are some laboratories in my school such as Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, and Language Laboratory. Science Laboratory is like Bilogy Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, and Physics Laboratory. There are projector in every class and laboratories to make students are very comfortable in study. Sometimes the projector is used by students to watch movie in break time. It is like in cinema because some curtains in the class are closed so we can enjoy watching movie. There are AC in headmaster’s room, and some laboratories such as Computer Laboratory and Language Laboratory. Unfortunately there are not AC in every class even in teacher’s room but there are fans. There is an art room in the 3rd floor.


There are some musical instuments from traditional until modern. Every year my school holds Pentas Sinema (PenSi). It is like festival music. Each class have to perform creativity art such as band, dance etc. Sometimes teachers perform too by singing.


The most interesting in my school is there is a program of student exchange every year from other countries because my school is international standard school. The countries are Singapore, Turkey, Japan etc. Sometimes students study using two languanges. The languages are English and Indonesian. It is very interesting for us.

In conclusion, my school is very interesting and comfortable. Students are very happy to study  because  the facilities help us in study. I think that it is like my second home. Starting to study from the morning until the evening. Although it is tired but I always enjoy with it.


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