Outram Secondary School Singapore


 Last year students from Outram Secondary School Singapore came to my senior high school. They came to study or it was called student exchange. There were 30 students, 3 teachers and 1 headmaster. They stayed in Indonesia especially in Purwakarta for one week. During in Indonesia, they lived in Grand Situ Hotel. It was not far from school so they went to school by foot everyday. My friends and I met them at school in the morning. Some friends and I became guide for students of Outram Secondary School. In Indonesia they joined ceremony at school, learned about culture of Indonesia, went hiking and had lunch  with us.

First time they came to my school in the morning and they joined ceremony with us. They felt confuse about procedure of our ceremony so they just followed us. Then, they were asked for singing their National Anthem of Singapore by our teacher. They sang together but their voice were not so loud  but we could hear it. After that, they came to class. There were two students from Outram Secondary School in each class. They studied together with us.


Then, they also learned about culture of Indonesia such as traditional dances, traditional instruments, etc. They learned Peacock Dance. They were trained by my friends who can dance it. It was amazing because they can dance Peacock Dance just 2 days. They can memorize the movements so fast. They played angklung too. Angklung was traditional instrument from West Java. They also can play it after they were trained by us.


After studied in class for 4 days with us, they went hiking.  My friends and I joined with them to go hiking. The place was in Wanayasa. It was about one hour from school. Before we went hiking, we would have lunch together at Rizki’s house. Rizki was one of my classmate. We departed at 9am from school by my friend’s car. There were 3 cars. There were 2 guides in each car. Darwin and I were in the same car, the others were students of Outram Secondary School and their teacher. We arrived at 12pm at Rizki’s house. We came in to her house and ate some meals.

After that, we had lunch together. The menu was sundanese food. There were rice that was wrapped by banana leaf, tofu, tempe, fried chicken, beaf, capcay and salad. Firstly, they were confuse how way to eat. Then, my friends and I explained about it. We ate together. They liked the food. After that, we took pictures together. Then, we prepared to go hiking. At 2pm we started to go hiking. We walked through fields. We took pictures in field. They told me that in Singapore there was not field so this was the first time for them to see field. Then, we walked through jungles. There were many big trees. We felt tired so we stopped at the moment and took pictures again. Then, we continued our journey. We also walked tthrough rivers. The water flowed profusely so we were not brave to walk through it. Finally,  we decided to choose other way. However, the boys swam in the river at the moment so we had to wait them.  We were as girl just saw they swam but it was happy. In the journey we exchanged our experiences. They told us that they came to Indonesia recently. They thought that Indonesia was nice and the people were friendly. I also told them that I had not visited Singapore but I wanted to visit it. They told us about interesting places in Singapore and we told them about interesting places in Indonesia too.


After that we went home at 4pm. We were very tired but the journey was interesting. We were happy. The next day they went back to Singapore by plane from Jakarta in the morning. In conclusion I was very happy because I joined ceremony, learned about culture, went hiking, shared our experiences and especially could practice english with students of Outram Secondary School Singapore. It was my new experience and it could not be forgotten.



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