Angle and Steve


Once upon a time, there lived a poor couple of husband-wife. They had three children, one daughter and two sons. Their daughter was the first child. Her name was Angel. She was beautiful and 23 years old. Their sons was still school exactly elementary school. Angel’s mother worked as laundress and her father worked as piece worker. Because of her brothers was still school so she helped her parents to get money. She looked for some firewoods in jungle and she sold them to the market.  Everyday she did it. She was never complain although she was tired. She wanted to help their brothers in order to continue their school.

One day in jungle. She met Ruth. Ruth was her friend in her village. She didn’t like Angel. “Hi Angel. How many firewood do you want to sell ? Haha I think you won’t get enough money if you sell it. Oh my God! What a pity you are!”, said Ruth. “Never mind, I want to help my parents . Is it wrong ? It isn’t your affair!”, said Angel. “Oh ok. I just give opinion, haha. I think you will be difficult to marry, because you are poor. Men won’t interest with you. They are more interesting to me than you because I am more pretty than you”, Ruth laughed. “Sorry, I must go!”, said Angel. On the way, Angel cried.

Angel cried until at home. She went to her bedroom and locked the door. She thought what Ruth said just now. Man would’nt want to marry with poor woman. Suddenly her parents heard weeping in Angel’s bedroom. Then, they knocked the door. “Tuk..tuk..tuk..”. “What’s wrong with you ?”, asked her mother. “Tell me if you have problems”, said her father. Then, Angel went out from her bedroom and told her problem to her parents. They were sad after they heard Angel’s story. “Dear, don’t be sad, soulmate has been regulated by God. Don’t be care your friend’s words. May be she is jeaolus with you.”, said her mother. Finally, Angel could smile again.

On the next day. She looked for firewoods again in the jungle to be sold to the market. Suddenly in jungle, she met an handsome man. Then, the man approached her. “Hi, what’s your name ?”, asked the man. “My name is Angel, and you ?”, asked Angel. “I am Steve, nice to meet you Angel”, said Steve. “Nice to meet you too Steve”, said Angel. “What do you do in jungle ?”, asked Steve. “I am looking for some firewoods to be sold to the market”, answered Angel. “May I help you ?”, asked Steve. “Oh dont! I can look for it alone”, said Angel. “Oh ok. I will accompany you”, said Steve. They chatted together. Steve told to Angel that he lived in this village recently. According many people, Steve was the richest man in this village. Angel also told him about her family and her family’s occupation. Steve was sad after he heard her story. Suddenly, Ruth came. “Hi Steve, what do you do in jungle ?”, asked Ruth. “I am exploring this jungle”, answered Steve. “Come on we go to market. We will enjoy the market in this village. Let’s go !”, said Ruth.Ruth pulled hand’s Steve. “S..s..s.. see you Angel !”, said Steve stammered. Angel smiled and she continued to look for firewoods again.

In the market, Angel met Steve and Ruth. “Angel ? Why do you come here ? I am sure, you follow us”, said Ruth. “Oh no, I want to sell firewoods in this market”, answered Angel. “Why don’t you sell your firewoods in the other market ? You disturb us !”, said Ruth. Angel run a way and Steve tried to chase her. “Angel, wait !”, shouted Steve. Angel stopped. “Please forgive Ruth ok ?”, said Steve. “Never mind”, said Angel. “Do you want to go home ? I will accompany you”, said Steve. “No, you should accompany Ruth not me”, said Angel. “Let her alone. Come on !”, said Steve.

At Angel’s home, Steve chatted with Angel and her parents. They laughed together. Angel’s parents were happy because Steve came here. After chatted with Angel’s family, Steve said good bye to go home. At home, Steve remembered Angel. He was felling in love with her when he met her at the first time. He was confuse to say it to Angel. Finally he decided to come to Angel’s house  tomorrow.

Steve told his feeling to Angel. Angel laughed. She thought that Steve just kidding. However, Steve was serious with his feeling. Angel had the same feeling with him. They fell in love each other. Then, Angel and Steve told their parents about it. Fortunately their parents approved it. Steve’s family didn’t see family who was rich or poor. They were same in the eyes of God.

Ruth knew about it. She was angry. However, she realized that poor and rich were same in the eyes of God. Ruth apologized to Angel. Finally they became best friend. Angel and Steve married and lived happily forever.


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