How to Make Burger


Do you know burger ? I believe all of you know it. Have you ever eaten burger ? I have ever  eaten burger. It’s so delicious! Burger is kind of bread in the shape of circle that is sliced become two and in the middle it is filled by patty that is  usually taken from meat, and then some vegetables. Before you make burger, you have to know some equipments, ingredients, and steps to make burger.

First, you must prepare the equipments. There are frying pan, spatula, gass stove, and plate. The equipments are not a lot so that you are easy to do it. It is usually available at home so you don’t need to buy. Then, you must prepare the ingredients. There are bread, meat, cheese, salad, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chili sauce, and butter.

After that you are ready to make burger. First, pour the butter to the frying pan. Butter is substitute of coconut oil. If you want to use coconut oil it is no problem. Second, lit the gass stove. Then, heat the butter a few seconds and then stir the butter. After that slice the bread become two and fry it. Don’t fry so long just a moment. Then, take the bread and put on the plate. Fry the meat until ripe. Then, take the meat and put on the plate. Slice tomato, cucumber and cheese. After that you arrange the burger. Put the bottom of bread on the plate. Add mayonnaise and meat that has fried. Then, add salad, tomato, cucumber, tomato sauce, cheese, chili sauce, and add mayonnaise again. The arrangement is up to you. Cover the top with the top of the bread. Finally, the burger is ready to be served.

Is it easy, right ? You have some advantages in making burger. You can know the ingredients, and steps of making burger. Making burger is simple and the ingredients are not so much. You can make it with your taste. Of course, burger that is made by yourself is more delicious. Please, try it!

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