Spring is transition from winter to summer. Usually spring is started on 21st March until 21st June in the northern hemisphere but in the southern hemisphere it is atarted on 23th September until 21st December. Sprig is called flower season because the flowers and plants bloom again. Atmospheric in spring is warm. Usually they go for picnic with their family. In spring there are various of foods, festivals and some activities.

 In Japan, they take wild plant shoots in the mountains as material of food. It is called Sansai and it means mountain vegetables. Two of the popular is Pucuk Udo and sakura mochi. Usually the vegetables are made Tempura and then they are fried with flour, various of tubers and sea foods such as shrimp and squid. The other vegetables that are catagorized as Sansai is Rebung (take no ko). It can be cooked with various ways for instance it is steamed with rice (take no ko gohan). There is also vegetables that are harvested, one of them is Nira (kucai). Nira will be delicious if it is saute. In Korea there are Kimchi and Bulgogi. Kimchi is vegetables such as cabbage, mustard, white turnips, or cucumber that are fermentated with ginger, garlic, onion, and chili powder. It can be called as pickle or “asinan” in Indonesia. There are some various based on the ways to make it in each household. Bulgogi is meat especially beef. It is the same meat in Japan but in Japan it is called Yakiniku.

 There are some festival in spring. One of them is Hinamatsuri Festival in Japan. It is the opening festival of spring. It is celebrated on March. Its purpose to pray for girls to grow healthy. Family who have daughter, display doll that is called hinaningyo (festival doll). Before the festival come, daughters help their parents to take out doll from its place and then it is displayed. A day after Hinamatsuri the doll must be put soon, because it is believed already absorbed devil and bad fate. There is Sakura Matsuri Festival too. Usually it is started in the end of March or in early on April. In Korea also there are Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival, and Strawberry Festival  are some of festivals that is  waited by a lot of people in Korea and also foreign tourists who want to enjoy the spring. Korea become flower thousand country in this season. Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated on March-April. We can enjoy sakura flowers and watch opened concert that is free for visitors. Strawberry Festival is celebrated in mid of April. People are allowed to pick strawberries and taste it.

Activities in spring is wash, pack thick clothes and put in wardrobe. Then they take out spring cloth that is thin and its colour is bright to be worn. Sometimes they buy new cloth compatible with fashion trend at that time. People like going to beautiful places with their family or their friends. They bring some foods and drinks to be eaten in that beautiful places.

 People are very like spring. The air in this season is not hot and it is not cold. They enjoy it. The foods, festivals, and activities in spring are various and different in other countries. It is very unique so people in different country will feel it if they are travelling to other country.

You can also know another seasons..



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