Teaching English in SDN Gedong Kiwo Yogyakarta


I taught some students in elementary school exactly in SDN Gedong Kiwo Yogyakarta. It was started from October 2012 until  January 2013. The school was located on Bantul Street Gg.Tawangsari Yogyakarta. It was comfortable and big enough. There were based floor and 1st floor. The class consisted of A and B for instance class 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B etc. Every month there was the change of the class.I taught overthere for almost 3 months. I taught in class 6A, 4B, and 1. On October I taught some students in class 6A with three of my friends.They were Riza, Adib, and Fajar. Since I had introduced my self because my name was Ghaisani so the students made joke and called me Gayus. I were not angry even I laughed  because I understood that they were just kidding. They were smart and friendly. Mrs.Marsiti was their teacher in their class. She devided us to be their teacher. In class there were 4 rows. In every row they were mentored by a university student. We studied together. In class 6A we learned about Comparison Degree and Shopping List that related with price. When I was junior high school I learned about Comparison Degree but in elementary school even it was learned by students of class 6. It was amazing! Some of students were happy learned English. However, there were some students who did not  like studying English and they were naughty enough. I almost gave up and could not face them. I also tired. However, they were my students so I had to be patient to face them. If they made mistake or did not want to study I said to them that I would tell them to Mrs.Marsiti as their teacher. Finally, they wanted to study maybe I think they were afraid with their teacher. I was a bit angry to them and gave advice to them. Finally they would obey me. When we went home they asked about name of our facebooks so we gave it to them. I have a  favorite student in class 6A. I forgot the name but I still remember him. He was kind, friendly even smart. He told me that he was chosen by his teacher to join Reading Contest so he joined it. Finally, he got the third rank. I was very happy because my favorite student could compete well. On November my friends and I moved to class 4B. We taught them. Same like in class 6A we were devided to be 4 rows. Oh my God! The students were naughty. Especially some boys. I was very tired facing them. I almost screamed to them because they were difficult to be regulated. I had to courage to them in order to be able to be regulated well. Finally, they would hear me. However some of days after we first met he was kind enough. In class 4B we learned about Parts of Body. It was very excited. After that, we moved to empty room. We played while studying. We threw a small ball one each other. It was like this, the first student threw the ball to the second student while saying one of Parts of Body in Indonesian then the second student catched the ball while answering the one of Parts of Body in English that was said by the first student. If there were  students who could not answer one of Parts of Body they would be punished. The punishment was standed up in the corner of class. I only taught them twice. We did not teach on December because they had final examination and holiday after it. On January we moved to class 1. The boys were very naughty but the girls were shy. Students of this class were very different with class 6A and 4B. I could angry in class 1 because I could not control my emotion. Although I was angry, they ignored my words. In class 1B we learned singing. I asked them to sing Are You Sleeping but the boys made me annoy because they sang “ayu tingting ayu tingting”. The true songs liked this “are you sleeping are you sleeping”. It was very annoying! I was very angry until I screamed to them. I said to them if they did not sing well they were not allowed to go home. Finally they would obey me to sing together well. After that we did not teach them again because we had holiday from on 13th January until on 10th February. From of all, now I can take the lesson that I have to be patient in teaching the students, can control emotion, and make situation to be comfortable.


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