The Importance of Reading


Reading is a way to get some information. We must have ever read, for instance read textbook, magazine, novel, comic, newspaper, etc. Sometimes some of people don’t like reading. They have ever read nevertheless it is rare. Maybe they think that reading is so boring. Actually reading is important for some reasons. The first, reading can improve our knowledge. We can have much insight by reading so that we are more confident. We can know everything by reading. Reading also train concertration. We should focus in reading in orther to get some information clearly and that some information can be told to family and friends. The last, reading can improve comprehension. We read book to comprehend the contents of the book. It’s too bad if we have read some pages of the book but we haven’t understood it. Adults, teenagers, and children have to have desire to read. Reading is important for our life. Don’t just read but comprehend the contents. Don’t waste our times just for watching tv, playing game, hanging out but use our times to read some books.


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